Friday, June 3, 2011

BiLa YouTUbe BuKAn SeKAdAr YouTube Lagi..


Okey. Very short one. Dah lama tak update blog nih, maka pagi tadi saya agak berkobar-kobar untuk menghapdet. But........ something happened and all my ideas goes right out of the window. And....ermm....yeah. Things sometimes ended that way.


So, I'll try to pull myself together so that all my endeavors will not be wasted. I would like to share something with all of you out there about 1 thing. This might be another trivial matter that I would like to say today. Again. (Heyyy...just go straight to point, will ya????)


Youtube. Saya bukanlah penggemar 'tegar' youtube. Dulu-dulu saya tak tahu nak buat apa dengan youtube. Kenapa semua orang suka sangat bukak youtube??? Ada apa dengan youtube??? Kenapa hari-hari perlu bukak youtube??? Ada apakah???

What the heck is going on with all these people?????


Until one day, I finally realized that youtube is not only a youtube.... (jeng jeng jenggggg...)


Saya baru kenal beberapa Malaysian Youtubers on youtube. Some of them are inianwarhadi, matluthfi, maria helena and lots more. And you know what?? They're just freaking awesomeeeeee!! ^-^ Mereka sangat menarik, funny, talented, berinfo and much much moreee(pada pandangan sayalah, tak tahulah anda kan.)Melalui mereka barulah saya nampak di mana 'excitement' dalam ber'youtube'. Besides them, banyak lagi vlogger dalam and luar negara (apesal skema ayat nih??).

Another one that sooo catchy-matchy is Nigahiga, he is so funny. I'm a youtuber too. XD


is-nanie said...

Thanx bg link youtubers tuh... Is tau kewujudan Nigahiga pon sebab ada cousin letak link di facebook. Yang malaysian youtubers, Is tgk yang matluthfi (based on your link).. Boleh tahan jugak videonya.. Ada mesej, bukan sekadar hiburan kosong.. Yang lagi dua tuh, blom tgk lagi.. heheh

CoOkiE MoNSter said...

you're welcome....inianwarhadi pun best jugak. memang kadang-kadang tu tergelak sorang-sorang bila dia cakap something yang not supposed to be funny with such a serious face, but it is. (????)

anyway, I know you can understand what I'm talking about, no?