Thursday, May 16, 2013

if things are the other way around..

I am an artist.
I write poem, songs and film.
I even sing all the songs I've created.
I love dancing and acting.
I always travel all around the world just to get inspired for the next song.

I am a nature-lover.
I love flowers, trees and lake.
I enjoy watching the sunset while sitting next to my beloved.
I like snapping pictures of green land and blue sky.
I love smelling the flawless roses in my garden.

I am a movie-maniac.
I always wonder if there is a new movie coming out.
I love to watch a bundle of movies in a week.
In fact, I am going to cinema everyday.
I always bring along my hommies, best friend and him.

I am a shopaholic.
I used to do shopping everyday and got a dozen of shoes. A week.
I love buying things such as dress, handbags, rings and even foods.
I just enjoy doing things on my own.
I buy things whenever I feel to.


I am not an artist.
I cannot spend my time for flowers.
I don't have time travelling all around the world.
I watch movies 3 times a year. Maybe.
I seldom do shopping. Only when I need to buy something necessary.
Here I am sitting at my desk all day thinking of codes algorithm, functions, Ajax, annoying bugs and warning of mysql_real_escape_string().
Doing things over and over again.
Solves the never-ending codes in hundreds, or maybe thousand lines.

I am a programmer.

And this is my story.