Wednesday, May 21, 2008

ToDaY Is WeDnEsDay!!

okay..this is 'great'. this is d'second time i wrote this. (coz of the page error) u ever fell sleepy in class?let's try this(if there's a pc in front of u)
1. browse google(
2.type 'mengantuk banget'
3.that's it, read the web pages that viewed to u.
Have a nice dayy!!!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Pape la

Trying Something new is mandatory to uS as a student!!!

I' m Here Working hard And Hard Just Because My Ultimate Dream

Here I go again..sitting in front the computer and typing coding all the day.. (not includes my project). It was so tiring and it gettin' on my nerves. But then I realizes, to get somethin', we need to sacrifice somethin'. So, I should take it easy. No need to stress out, no stay up in the middle of my night, no eyebag, no super-duper-tired. Just manage ur time properly. Yeaayyy!! (determined myself..=p)