Wednesday, December 12, 2007

all 'bout friendship..

as summer leaves and autumn replaces
time will melt in our hands
still friendship never ends
as a distant dying star deliver its ray
it will sleep and fade away
still friendship never ends
as my tea can not be warmer again
i will find that outside is serene
still friendship never ends
as the passed years start to fly
they will show us a little lullaby
still friendship never ends
and as the moment comes to separate us
we will know that it is just a must
still friendship never ends

Friday, November 30, 2007

Tazkirah for today..

Bukan mustahil hidup anda tinggal sehari shj lagi-hari ini.Maka anggaplah masa hidup anda hanya hari ini shj,seolah -olah anda dilahirkan hari ini dan akan mati hari ini juga.dengan itu,hidup anda tidak akan koyak rabak di antara gumpalan keresahan ,kesedihan dan luka parut masa lalu dengan bayangan masa depan yg penuh keraguan
Jika anda percaya pada diri anda,dengan semangat dan azam yang kental,anda akan dapat menundukkan diri anda untuk berpegang pada prinsip"aku hanya akan hidup hari !"
Prinsip ini akan membuatkan anda sibuk pada tiap -tiap saat
supaya sentiasa memperbaiki keadaan,mengembangkan semua potensi dlm diri dan mengikhlaskan setiap amalan kita.jika kita hanya diizinkan hidup hari ini shj sudah tentu kita akan berusaha sekuat tenaga utk taat kepada Allah,mengerjakan solat sesempurna mungkin,membekali diri dengan melakukan solat sunat dan melakukan segala perkara yang mendatangkan manfaat buat kita
"hari ini kepunyaan aku"merupakan ungkapan yang paling indah dalam "kamus kebahagian",kamus bagi mereka yang ingin menikmati hidup yang paling indah dan menyeronokkan.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Bout me..

So....whats up? Juz pass by here to see ya!! hehe... Actually i'm a student, a final year student of Bachelor Information Technology majoring in Database. Currently pursuing Degree in UTeM(Universiti Teknikal Malaysia Melaka). If you already know what is database, i think not need to explain again to u,isn't? Majoring in database required u to use multiple kind of database such as Sqlplus, MySql and Oracle. Most of the big company used the Oracle coz it supports a huge space of data. And we as a final year student should be able and experts in manipulate the Oracle. Actually, we've applying Oracle in 2nd year. And thank godness, our system related to Oracle succeed! But, its not the end. We've to keep up with the good work next time! Well.. until next time..see ya again!

Mission To accomplish..

For the time being, I had to do my best to score all the modules in the Infosys. It need my full efforts to give in. Chaiyoks2!! I gotta win no matter what. Well.. even though I'm quite bz nowadays, I'll spend alittle time on blogs. Juz wanna share with u guys out there.. Who knows we can gain some slice of input to generate a great output? Next time, I'll tell ya abit about myself. Da...!! Arigato!!!

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Today's freezy

Today is sooo cold! I continued the study that been held for the past 7 days. Juz to gain new experience and knowledge, this program is so called Infosys Foundation. Actually it's a program integrated with Infosys Company in India. Its the biggest IT Company afterall there. So, here we go with 9 modules and we have to sit for the test for each of the modules. Its quite tired because we had to spend 6 out of 7 days here studying the syllabus from 1st year till final year in University. But.. its interesting and its actually a big opportunity to get the soft skills in IT..