Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Bout me..

So....whats up? Juz pass by here to see ya!! hehe... Actually i'm a student, a final year student of Bachelor Information Technology majoring in Database. Currently pursuing Degree in UTeM(Universiti Teknikal Malaysia Melaka). If you already know what is database, i think not need to explain again to u,isn't? Majoring in database required u to use multiple kind of database such as Sqlplus, MySql and Oracle. Most of the big company used the Oracle coz it supports a huge space of data. And we as a final year student should be able and experts in manipulate the Oracle. Actually, we've applying Oracle in 2nd year. And thank godness, our system related to Oracle succeed! But, its not the end. We've to keep up with the good work next time! Well.. until next time..see ya again!

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Anonymous said...

yeah!all da besh frenz..eventhough u r in prac rite now =)