Wednesday, March 19, 2008

ToDaY iS a TiRiNG daY..

Today is such a busy day for me.. now is 3:40 am, and I'm still here looking deepen my laptop with my sleepy eyes.. wargh... had to stay up because of that Dragon Fruit. Above are the pics I upload 'bout the pitaya.. Aiyoh.. forget to tell, pitaya is the real name of dragon fruit. The saintific name is
Hylocereus Undatus. And I've design 4 labels for the company products. I can't believe that I had to stay up at 3 am in the morning doing the labels 'bout dragon fruit. ANd my fingers feel like want to fall apart, cramps.
2 more to go, chaiyok2!!!.. but,, i'm really, really, really felt sleepy.. warh..

Friday, March 14, 2008

ThE DaY U WenT AWay..lagU PEvReT HaJaR lA PuLAk..

Hye! I’m a simple girl. Loves nature so much like it is a part of me. I like reading English and malay material (especially novel), watching the beautiful sunset, listening the radio and look deepen in something abstract and beautiful to me. I love green, chocolate and blue colors. It gives me something that is hard to describe by words. I couldn’t find the finest word for my feeling. I love to write poems. Both in malay or English. I love watching the foreigner’s country. The turquoise sea, the blue mountain, the sky, even the trees. They look so beautiful to me. Sooo beautiful. When I was in form 5, I really want to further my study abroad. I was eager to see their country myself, with my very own eyes. And maybe because of my unstoppable dream, I’m mastering English easily. I would like to see whether the abroad country is beautiful than here. I was keen to see the mysterious fantastic scene of sunset there. Is the view there are much better? Are there? I have a hobby which is writing in a book. I put everything that catching my eyes there. Anything I love. Anything I like. That was the hobby since a long time ago. Since I like writing and reading, I spend quite a lot for the book. Then, when I finished my high school, my precious unstoppable dream really stopped rite there. I’m not going abroad. Even I can go there, my mum and dad won’t allow it for sure. But I relieved. Not everything we want, we’ll get, rite? There’s a lot more opportunities here, why go abroad? Because they have the beautiful sky, trees and mountain? The unforgettable zamrud-color of sea? We have them too here. And I never realized before, right on my very own eyes, my country also have its own beauty. Here is the place where everything started. My own country, the place I started to learn of nature.