Tuesday, May 10, 2011

WeLL..ThaT's TruE

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Selamat hari ceria. Semoga semua orang akan ceria, gembira, cool, tenang, cunnn saja hari ini. Jangan runsingkan fikiran anda dengan masalah-masalah yang selalu melingkari diri anda.

There's always a way out. Dun worry bebeh!

Baru-baru ini seorang kawan saya yang anggun bernama Aimie ada komen mengenai blog saya. Okay, to be specific she was talking about my music gadget on the right side of this page. I'm well aware that not everyone likes those music like I do. But... ada saya kisah??


Ok2. I'm just kidding. Jangan marah cayang k? Well, good people out there, if you think that the music annoys you or something like that, please... just pause it. I'm sorry for even bother you to pause-play the gadget. But, erm...yeah. And sometimes I prefer listening more on K-Pop (Korea-Pop genre), so forgive me for giving you some kinda 'starstruck' when you opening my page. (-.-")

But, it's fine now because I'm moving onnnnnnnnnnnnn the Maher Zain's songs and malay songs. So......erm..you know-lah. It's a bit differ from K-Pop. Hope you can stand it, at least. ^-^

By the way, my K-Pop songs are still there. Beware of the striking-heart-stopping rhythm!! ^-^

At last, but not least..thanks for your continuous supports and feedback! (ecehhh....bajet ramai je nak tengok blog kauuuu?) Saya kisah apa kan??

Okay, daa~ Masa berpoya-poya dengan blog sudah tamat. Get back to work!




terpana aku seketika.

CoOkiE MoNSter said...


yeah. that's rite. kau anggun.

tapi aku LAGI anggun.


CoOkiE MoNSter said...

yup. saja nak puji ko anggun. tapi..

...aku LAGI anggun lah.