Friday, May 15, 2009

Ohh Myyy GoDD

Learn somethin' new today. EJB. Precisely, it's 'bout JAVA.

Explanation, excellent. Obviously. everybody looking straight to Mr M.
What a brief explanation. Just keep listening. Oh God, I starting to feel sleepy.

Naa...I still can keep going. Looking around me, right and left. Something fishy here. No wonder fellow here also sleepy. I recorded her sleepy face. Haha..Not-so-nice-of-me.

Until then, I can open my eyes wide. Sleepy no moree.

Suddenly, Mr M said,

Ok then guys, let's move to the coding. Just a fine, small application. Here's the code and try to follow the instructions here.
Everybody noded as it looking so simple as typing in ym.

A few minutes past,

You are using one hand to type?? ohhh...come onnnn.. I'm so hungry to go.
Try to play some type games, maybe you guys are able to type fasterr.
How many of you succeeded?? Or are all of you faill???

OOOh Myyy Goodddd...

Ok, I leave the screen here, and you guys can practise using the screen.*/

And it end up with nobody succeed with the coding.
Just hey, what happen actually.. What da heck are we typing???

And I tell u wut? The application is sooo damn simple. Why is it so hard maa..

It's nightmare to us.

Ohh, I really 'loooveeeeee' EJB.

Ni kes mngantuk giler ar nh.



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padelkopak said...

apabila bosan menguasai diri.memang begitu.asyik mengantuk.itu normal.itu biasa.semua orang pun begitu.

CoOkiE MoNSter said...

ade lagi rupenye insan yg mngerti betapa peritnye kebosanan.