Monday, June 23, 2008

It'S My DrEaM....

Wanna know somethin'? Now i'm already at HOME!! yeayyyy....At last.....!!!!! For a few weeks i wanna stay n rilex a bit at wonderfuuuull!! Need to regain the energy n spirits coz after dis, i have to 'work' in Seremban.Time to manipulate the things we've learned in dis 3 years.(i wonder whether i can do it or not..huhu...ganbatte'!!).Eeka! See ya in Seremban!! =p Dayang, Mie, Aina, kNor n others (u know who u're), sowy coz i didn't hv much time to see ya that time. I was so rushed,n my parents was waiting 4 me...n my reports so-so, n...n..n... in short, sowy n thanks 4 everything gals! i gonna miss u all. Lets work hard for dis 6 months n see each other again at convo! Chaiyook2!!!!!

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